Here is a collection of some of the Airtables that I think are best Airtable examples.

Best Airtable example for online course:

1. Airtable Custom blocks development course

The complete Airtable Custom Blocks development course
<p>Airtable has opened its blocks development to developers - Its called ”<strong>Custom Blocks</strong>”.</p><p>Airtable is a <strong>billion dollar company</strong> that has opened its platform to developers.</p><p>Be one of the first to learn and build <strong>enterprise apps</strong>.</p><p><br>…

2. Airtable for entrepreneurs

Airtable for Entrepreneurs Tutorial
<p>Welcome to Airtable for Entrepreneurs! Do you own a business? Do you struggle keeping all the records and data together and organized?</p> <p>This course is for you! I’ll walk you through step by step, from setting up your account to having a full fledged database that can run a small business.&lt;…

Best Airtable example for Custom Blocks

Airtable has opened up its Custom Blocks development. That means, you can write any app of top of Airtable. Airtable has become infinitely more useful with this single feature.

  1. API Connection

This is a Custom Block that allows you make any API call and save the data in your Airtable. It will automatically create all the fields in your table. Best of all - It is opensource.

Contribute to saas-developer/airtable-api-connection development by creating an account on GitHub.

2. Print records

If you have trouble formatting and printing your records, then this is the one for you.

Create a custom, printable layout from your records. - Airtable/blocks-print-records

Airtable Universe

Airtable's Universe has very many templates that cover a wide range of businesses and requirements. You should definitely check it out.

Some of the best airtable example from the Universe are:

  1. Add a dashboard display to the CRM base:

2. Organize your life with this personal dashboard

3. Do you use LinkedIn for your business?
Then this outreach organizer is definitely for you.

Linkedin Outreach - Organization Template - Airtable Universe
At Lead Cookie, we use Airtable to organize 100% of our Linkedin Outreach campaigns. ​ What Lead Cookie is: A done-for-you Linkedin Prospecting service. We...

4. Systematize your project management with this Zapier Project management cheat sheet

Zapier’s Project Management App Cheat Sheet - Airtable Universe
Since Zapier integrates with so many apps, people often ask us, &quot;What&#39;s the best app for X?&quot; The answer to that, of course, is &quot;It...

Thats al for now. Feel free to checkout the Universe for templates and for some of the best airtable examples on what you can do!!